Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yea! Luda said, "Hell's a place called HOME...." This's 2040 n Imma make my CLONE.... This's my reign where I rule, switch on your Television n a bike add's SHOWN.... I want lotsa money n a golden CROWN.... Pluto's the planet whr I'll f*** n ROAM.... He n she messes wit me n Imma bury both of 'em on the f***in GROUND.... Yea! Mama said, "Take your breakfast n get your a** OUT...." I screamd, "Mama, I ain't hungry n please don't SHOUT.... Hey, this's my new Canvas, jus look at it, bt plz don't talk coz you're really f***in LOUD...." It waz drout but I got outta my HOUSE.... And I walked towards the office, in the internet which I BROWSED.... And as I reached its damn main gate uh, it was computer generated n big was the CROWD.... After tat I entered the f***in GATE.... It seemed to me tat I wasn't tat f***in LATE.... My whole body was scanned in the big machine, obviously, there I wasn't gonna find any DATE.... Inside it was red n blue light but without a single no. RATE.... They punched me needls n tat's the only thing I really HATE.... It pained as hell n I screamd like hell, "Save me KATE...." The anSthesia worked n shortly I fainTED.... N when I got consciuos, I found I was glue painTED.... Turnin by my side, I lookd inside the MIRROR.... And hell! I was fine n there was nothin at all to be TERRORED.... Then I searched for my clone which was already MADE.... But instead I found my original body in the floor which was lyin DEAD.... I sat on the floor takin my hands over my HEAD.... Knowin I'm the one, who's the CLONE, not the original John, I really f***in ain't AFRAID.... Just then, I heard a hard bell RINGIN or maybe it was a bird SINGIN.... N Suddenly I woke up n I was seated in my bed n also it was a fresh new MORNIN....

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