Friday, January 14, 2011


Yea! Listn, this's d story an angel who is ME.... Sorry! I missed, not me, tat angel's gone to take some TEA.... And until he returns, Imma write 'bout HIM.... He's real white, uh, I guess he don't uses Ponds CREAM.... That's fine, he's an angel n he hav supernatural POWERS.... Believe me! I saw him jumpin of d roof tops n d long TOWERS.... As he's an angel, he hav lotsa f***in ABILITIES.... But we humans boy, can't even get a hot chik, no FACILITIES.... So, 24x7 we pray to GOD.... But he doesn't care if we stay here or fly ABROAD.... But we can't fly and angels CAN.... I've a friend who flies aeroplane, uh, where're u BEN....? "I'm here dud!" he screams, "Ssh.... I'm killin a CRANE...." "N I had a break up four days ago wit tat f***in bloody JANE.... I slapped him in his head and said, "Shut up! We gotta catch a TRAIN...." He screamed, "Where to dud? Are u outta your BRAIN....?" "R u comin wit me?" I asked, "N I'll present u a golden CHAIN...." "Come wit me, we gotta kill tat bloody ANGEL...." "Are u nuts?" he shouted, "U turnd Mental....?" I shouted, "Wad u waitin for Ben? Support MAN...." Just an alarm ranged n I woke outta my dream, I said, "DAMN...."

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