Saturday, January 15, 2011


First of.... You kno you'll die if u smoke or puff tat damn FLAKE.... Makin lotsa attics in the fear of the EARTHQUAKES.... I'm so out, my name ain't Blake, I TAKE.... Whiskey in the mornin n my grandma had a heart SHAKE.... Look at where I LANDED.... Do u think I planned IT....? I fell like the green HULK in the ground, I'm BLENDED.... Our spaceship in the ground n I'm so fly HIGH.... N**ga in the sky but I didn't die n I try to CRY.... He moves his feet, she throw her s**ts, our destination was hell n I was so damn SHY.... Cut my hands down the hot sun with BLISTER.... Searched for a band-aid but I found a metal CLUSTER.... Walked so fast, sweated so hard, tat we were damn chalk powder rubbed wit a f***in DUSTER.... All this was jus to find the hell's Weeds OFF.... To smoke it leavin cigarrettes, navigation was in the LAPTOP.... We drilled the earth like it was an alien from the far SIDE.... Holed it deep, guys there's nothin f***in I should HIDE.... As we entered, it was cold with black top, no BLOCK.... It was silent down there, even we couldn't hear the tickin CLOCK.... Walkin along, after a long journey we found our fresh WEEDS.... Happily we walked ahead to pluck 'em n along we also plucked the big SEEDS.... We Packed our bags n got into our SPACESHIP.... Jus then I broke off my dream, I said, "Uh, It was real DEEP...."

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